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The Lefay SPA created a wellness approach which mix between the classical Chinese medicine and Western Scientific research. This program is the base method of any program in Lefay SPA, personalized according to individual needs, to achieve a complete mental and physical well-being and to pursue different objectives.


The resort contains two different SPAs with two different styles which allow you to choose what fits your personality best. Lefay resorts own different rooms and villas categories which fit each single personality between Prestige Junior Suite, Deluxe Junior Suite, Family Suite, Exclusive Suite and Royal Pool & SPA Suite.


The LAGO DI GARDA SPA includes different programs;

DETOX Ideal to remove toxins accumulated during periods of stress and restore the functioning of organs responsible for their elimination, backdating our biological age and helping the body to dispose of toxic accumulations.

- 1 Scrub with chestnut flower, alpine salt and traditional alpine butter

- 1 Unico Cielo face cleansing ritual •

- 1 Lefay SPA specific energy foot reflexology treatment •

- 2 Lefay SPA phyto-specific draining wraps •

- 2 Lefay SPA detoxifying energy massages La Luce oltre la Nebbia •

-2  Lefay SPA draining energy massages Rugiada del Mattino •

- 1 energy aroma-hydrotherapy session with essential oils •

- 1 salt-water lake 


A wellness path based on a completely holistic philosophy for rebalancing the nervous system, nourishing the soul and stimulating an overall deep sense of relaxation resulting in radiant skin, decreased wrinkles and a toned body.


- 1 HydraFacial MD Treatment + Booster

- 1 Oxygen Therapy Intraceuticals

- 1 Scrub with chestnut flower, alpine salt and traditional alpine butter

- 1 Lefat SPA revitalising and anti-ageing energy body massage Alta Marea

- 1 Lefay SPA specific energy foot reflexology treatment

- 1 energy aroma-hydrotherapy session with essential oils

- 1 Lefay SPA draining wrap 


- 1 Lefay SPA Senza Tempo Man energy face treatment

- 1 Scrub with chestnut flower, alpine salt and traditional alpine butter

- 1 Lefay SPA energy body massage La Brezza accanto al Confine

- 1 energy hydro-aroma therapy with essential oils

- 1 Lefay SPA draining wrap 

FITNESS:The treatments and sport-related, energetic and physical activities included in this programme aim to relax muscular tension, revitalise and tone weaker muscles, correct postural alterations and create an overall state of well-being and beauty.

- 2 Lefay SPA energy body massages La Brezza accanto al Confine

- 1 Deep Tissue massage

- 1 Sports massage after physical activity

- 2 Lefay SPA draining wraps

- 1 osteopathy craniosacral treatment

- 3 sessions with personal trainer (40 min.)

OSTEOPATHY: The objective of the programme is to achieve good health by reducing pain, improving joint function, treating physiological dysfunctions and removing obstacles for optimal nerve transmission.

- OsteopathIc consultation

- 1 Osteopathic manipulative treatment

- 2 Craniosacral treatments

- 1 Osteopathic cervical massage

THE SCENTS OF THE FOREST Treatments and rituals of the local area combine the wisdom and purity of Alpine nature with the therapeutic properties of precious products obtained from the forests’ vegetation, waters, minerals, mud and plants.

- 1 Lefay SPA Massage Linfa Del Bosco

- 1 body scrub with chestnut flour, salt and alpine butter

- 1 hydro-arometherapy with the perfurmes of the forest

- 1 anti-ageing facial treatment with alpine flowers

AYURVEDA:From ancient Indian discipline, a means to take individuals back to their natural balance of the three Dosha.

- 1 Lefay SPA draining wrap

- 1 Abhyanga 

- 1 Shirodara with head massage

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